CompTIA PenTest+ Study Guide

Here’s my study guide for the CompTIA PenTest+ beta exam. I have yet to take the test, but have been following the random public comments shared by others.

All of these topics are from the exam objectives, but some things are mentioned more often online than others. I’m focusing my studies on what people are talking about the most.

Must Know for the CompTIA PenTest+

Or, what to study hardest…

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Kioptrix Level 1.1 (#2) Walkthrough

How to Get Root in Kioptrix 2

Kioptrix 2 is a Vulnhub VM. This is the first in a series of write-ups of various hands-on hacking resources I will be working through on my way to the OSCP.

First: get the IP addresses

Make note of the local IP address for Kali Linux (the attacking machine)

We will need this later for reverse shells and other fun.


Find the Kioptrix VM


Look for something in the netdiscover output with a MAC Vendor / Hostname of “VMWare.”

Found it, in my case it’s

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Making Orbi Great Again

The Netgear Orbi is badass.

I’ve never experienced such great range and throughput from a WiFi router. Dead spots are gone in my home.

We all have a healthy radioactive glow.


Within days, we started getting major stability problems. Our Google Homes and Chromecasts were dropping connection and requiring manual reboots nearly every hour.

What good is a fast network that won’t stay connected?

The Orbi was expensive and I expected better than this. It should be a rock-solid, set-and-forget system for that price.

The firmware updates weren’t helping, but I wasn’t ready to give up on it yet.
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CEH Review and Study Materials

Certified Ethical Hacker

I recently passed EC-Council’s CEH v9 exam. It was my first experience taking a certification exam.

I spent 5 months or so studying off and on, but didn’t really buckle down with my efforts until the last two weeks.

CEH Study Materials

Here is what I used. I’ll provide a short breakdown of what was essential and what I wouldn’t bother with if I had to do it again.
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Refresh Firefox with a Keystroke from Sublime Text

Browser Sync is nice but sometimes it is not available or it’s just plain overkill.

I wanted to always be able to refresh my web browser window with a keystroke while still keeping my code editor open and focused.

I use the 64-bit version of Firefox Developer Edition for Windows.

The simple AutoHotkey snippet below will refresh the current Firefox Developer Edition edition tab when the F5 key is pressed within Sublime Text, while still keeping the focus on Sublime Text.

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Too Lazy for Food: My Experience with Soylent

I try to automate as much of the boring aspects of life as possible.

Eating healthy takes too much time, too often. And it’s expensive.

I usually skip eating anything more complicated than a granola bar for breakfast and end up feeling mentally sluggish and generally horrible right up until lunch. I need to manage my blood sugar better.

Enter the meal replacement Soylent, currently popular with programmers and various other nerd-types. I read about it on MakeUseOf and was convinced to give it a fair shot.

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